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Corpa Advies is a full service real estate advisor helping you in your search for real estate investments as well as project development management.

  1. Search provided with property proposal portfolio

If you’re looking into Real Estate investments, your goal would likely be to achieve as high a profit as you can make. This is possible when you manage to create added value to your investment. The upfront choices according market demands and the strategy that you are going to follow are crucial.

Our goal is to achieve the best return on investments relsults for you by focusing on market demands. In cooperation with our specialized partners abroad we are focusing on properties like houses, apartments in urban areas, offices, retail properties and student housing.

What are the needs of real estate market? How can you as investor act on this demand in your search? How can I find a suitable property and what are potentials for adding value?

These questions are some of the criteria investors have to ask themselves before making any decisions. In order to accomplish this Corpa Advies will make a property proposal portfolio with a clear strategy to achieving a return on your investment.

A transparent look into the decision conditions is a fundamental base.

  1. Project development management

Project development management from architectural design to building process and final sell.

In cooperation with our partners abroad we offer a total package of management services for repositioning of your property in the contemporary real estate market by a simple adjustment. Or realization of a new real estate project from start to finish, like contracting of architects, construction companies, ensuring proper building permissions are obtained to the final sell.

  • Architectural design
  • Budget and planning
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Building process and delivery
  • Selling or renting